Witness the magic of nature at Laguna de Terminos in Campeche

Laguna de Terminos

Picture a lagoon that is so wide that it seems more like a small sea. In the jungle across it, an unhindered paradise remains as alive as ever, with its legions of birds, fish, reptiles and mammals, coexisting in the wild.

This place exists and it can be found in southern Mexico. Its name is Laguna de Terminos, and the experience of sailing it is more magical than you can imagine.


A lasting wild paradise

Laguna de Terminos is a large lagoon in the southeast of Mexico, facing Ciudad del Carmen in the state of Campeche. Extending over 2,700 square miles, it is the largest estuary in the country. It is protected from the Gulf of Mexico by Carmen Island and fed by several small lakes and rivers Palizada, Chumpan and Candelaria.

Laguna de terminos

Photo: planeta azul

Its massive mangrove labyrinths are inhabited by hundreds of different bird species, racoons, jaguars, ocelots and deers, among many other species. Manatees, boas, turtles, dolphins and crocodiles dwell in its water.

In 2004, the lagoon got into the Ramsar list, a group of wetlands of international importance, deemed essential for the preservation of biodiversity in the world.

The experience of cruising through it on a boat is a magical one. From sailing through intricate water mazes and mangroves, to spotting dolphins on the move and flocks of storks nesting near the coastline.


Photo: Zona turística


Tips for visiting Laguna de Terminos

  • Bring binoculars for some proper birdwatching.

  • If your tour guides don’t do it by themselves, ask them to turn off the boat’s motor in mangrove areas.

  • Remember to put on sunscreen and insect repellent, you’re at a tropical jungle!

  • Bring water and a snack, it’s a long daytrip and you’ll need them at some point.


Boat rides to Laguna de Terminos

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Witness the magic of nature at Laguna de Terminos in Campeche