Top 10 attractions in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas

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Tuxtla Gutierrez is the capital and main urban center in the Mexican state of Chiapas. If you’re planning a trip to this region, you’ll find that there’s more than a few things you simply have to see.

Museums, parks, gardens, churches and a humongous canyon: this is our choice for the top 10 attractions in Tuxtla Gutierrez, more than enough sites for a week long trip!

1. Sumidero Canyon

One of the most stunning natural wonders of Mexico is located just outside of Tuxtla. The 70 million year-old walls of the Sumidero Canyon are 3,280 feet high. Besides the epic tour down the river, the view from the lookout is spectacular.

2. Road of Illustrious Men

Recently rehabilitated, this pedestrian road is surrounded by trees, fountains and monuments of the men and women that have shaped the history of Chiapas.

3. Miguel Alvarez del Toro Zoo

Built around the principle of respect towards living beings and nature in general, this zoo sets itself apart from any other in Mexico. Located in the middle of the jungle, it keeps animals that are native to the land and seeks to recreate their natural habitat.


4. Coffee Museum

Coffee is one of Chiapas’ most valuable exports. In this place, you will discover the journey of the coffee bean, from the mountains to your mug. You can also get the best Chiapas coffee to take home.

5. San Marcos Cathedral

As much charming as it is unique, this church boasts a tower clock, a 48 bell system and a peculiar carrousel that rotates images of the twelve apostles.

6. La Marimba Park

Take an evening walk and enjoy the live, marimba music, bringing locals of all ages together in the same dance.

7. Marimba Museum

Speaking of marimba, across the park, there is an entire museum dedicated to this musical instrument, a true icon of Chiapas.

8. Faustino Miranda Botanical Garden

Let yourself be amazed by the exuberance and biodiversity of Chiapas at this sanctuary, dedicated to the exhibition of thousands of native plants.

9. Museo Regional

Travel through Mayan history, from the first settlements to the beginning of the twentieth century, this museum is full original objects and fascinating information.

10. Museo Chiapas of Science and Technology

This place will have you feeling like a child all over again as you discover the mysteries of the universe through games and interactive rooms. It is perfect for the family!

Now that you know what to do in Tuxtla Gutierrez, all you need is a date for your trip. Whenever that’s done, book with us at City Express, we have a privileged location within town, right next to the Marimba Museum!

Top 10 attractions in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas