Maria Felix Museum in Alamos: inside the life of Mexico's iconic movie star


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Some people call her “the Mexican Elizabeth Taylor”, but Maria Felix was her own character. A cultural icon, beautiful in her prime, yielding a charming yet rebellious attitude, the actress is dearly remembered and beloved, as shown in the museum dedicated to her in Alamos, Sonora. 

Here’s everything you need to know about this place, in case you ever find yourself traveling around the area. 


A rare flower in the desert

Maria Felix was born on April 8th, 1914, in Alamos. Her father was a man named Bernardo Felix, a military commander and politician, and the result of a mix between Yaqui and Spanish parents. Her mother was Josefina Güereña, a descendant of Basque immigrants. 

Perhaps one of the very first incarnations of this particular heritage combination, Maria grew like a rare flower in the desert landscapes of Sonora, before moving to Guadalajara at age 10. Her beauty began turning heads and, after a failed marriage at a very young age, she decided to move to Mexico City to try her luck as an actress.

As is evident through the screen, Maria had a magnetic personality. It was her constant portrayal of a defiant and snarky bachelorette that subverted the submissive stereotype of the Mexican woman, not only to the eyes of Mexican women themselves, but the whole world. This is how she became an icon, the most famous actress in the Golden Era of Mexican cinema, and an equally beloved and controversial celebrity. 


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The Maria Felix experience

The museum dedicated to her life and work is located in Alamo’s main street, Francisco I. Madero, and it opened in 2019, after being relocated from the city’s downtown area. 

A few of the rooms have been decorated to fit the early 20th century style that the house in which María grew up would have had. In them, you will be able to see original paintings, photographs, a birth certificate, and personal belongings, among many other objects. Watch out for the pictures with singer Agustin Lara and actor Jorge Negrete, two of her most famous lovers. 

You will also be able to see many of the actress’ famous outfits, worn during films like Enamorada, Tizoc, and La Bandida. Movie posters, clips of her memorable acting, jewelry, fan art, and countless other memorabilia and objects create a colorful shrine that pays homage to the movie star. 


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Alamos is about 65 miles southeast of Ciudad Obregon, so it is a perfect choice for a day trip if you are visiting this city. Other worthy attractions in Alamos include the Purisima Concepcion church, the beautiful Alameda park and the enchanting little nearby town of La Aduana. 

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Maria Felix Museum in Alamos: inside the life of Mexico's iconic movie star