Malls to Markets: Your Ultimate Guide to Shopping in Bogota

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Famous for being Colombia’s capital city, for being one of the highest cities in South America, for museums, views and colonial architecture, Bogota is hardly renowned for its shopping scene. But you’d be surprised by the variety and quality of options to be discovered in this huge city! It’s much more than street market and souvenirs, there are a number of malls and shopping centers here for you to spend hours browsing some of the best shops in South America! We’ve put together a guide to some of the best shopping centers to visit when you’re next in town…


Different Commercial Centers

Our first recommendation is Unicentro in the northern district of Usaquen and Bogota’s first big-scale mall. This is where you will find everything that you need! It was opened in 1976 so is well-established in Bogota and now has over 300 shops, a cinema and many restaurants and food options.

Hacienda de Santa Barbara is not a regular mall. It’s a beautiful old colonial building that has been converted into a shopping center and is now home to many boutique shops, cafes and restaurants. It has a more relaxed vibe and is the perfect place to grab a coffee with friends or have an ice cream as you browse.



You might have already heard of Santafe, one of Bogota’s largest shopping malls and one of the largest shopping malls in South America. Here there are over 400 shops across 2.7 million square feet of shopping center. If you are a shopaholic, this really is the perfect place for you! What’s more, the food court has 26 restaurant options and the cinema has 10 screens. This is not for the faint hearted!



Andino is a really popular mall that was opened in the mid-1990s in Zona Rosa. This also offers great brands and many options and has transformed the local neighborhood into a real commercial hot spot, it’s now one of the best places to go for shopping! If you’re looking for something a more high-end, perhaps some luxury brands such as Dolce and Gabbana and Louis Vuitton, this is the place to come!

For something a bit different, the flea market on a Sunday in Usaquen is perfect for finding local art and more artisanal handicrafts. It’s like a small town, tucked away from the city, with a laid-back Sunday afternoon vibe. It becomes a delightful outdoor shopping center with restaurants, pop-up stalls and music. This is a great experience and a great way to experience the true life of Bogota!



Another non-mall shopping option is the flea market in San Alejo where you can discover some real hidden treasures and items from all over Colombia. In particular, it’s great for jewelry and it’s here where you might find one of Colombia’s most important exports, emeralds! 




And for a challenging shopping trip, head up to Montserrat. It’s worth climbing all those steps for the incredible views and the quaint and colorful market full of souvenirs and delicious local Colombian food!

So whether you’re looking for big brands in a maze of shops or you’re in search of a hidden gem, Bogota has something for everyone when it comes to shopping!

Malls to Markets: Your Ultimate Guide to Shopping in Bogota