Hot springs in Mexico: a guide to the best spots

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hot springs mexico a guide to best spots

Do you know where you can enjoy the best natural hot springs in Mexico? From the state of Hidalgo to Aguascalientes, this phenomenon is quite common in our country and it is usually just one small trip away!


Something about hot springs

Hot springs come from the underground layers of the Earth, which have higher temperatures. The water that comes from them is very rich in minerals and has a potentially therapeutic use, since they have proved to help relieve stress, eliminate toxins, reactivate the metabolism, improve blood circulation, regenerate skin cells, etc.


We made this guide to the best spots for enjoying hot springs in Mexico, give yourself the chance to experience them!


Tlacotlapilco, Hidalgo

This water and ecological park combines the benefits of the hot springs that are born from the banks of the Tula River with an abundant vegetation, made up of cypresses, walnut trees, and a diverse fauna of rabbits, chipmunks and coyotes.


Chignahuapan, Puebla

The hot springs in this region, which are born on the outskirts of a mountain range, reach a temperature of 123 F°. The place has both indoor and outdoor pools as well as basic services such as restrooms and a food area.


Los Azufres, Michoacán

If you want a hot springs experience that resembles the natural version of this phenomenon, we recommend this complex, located in the midst of a forest-like landscape. Sulphurous water, to which many attribute healing properties, are contained in the park’s natural and artificial pools.


hot springs mexico


El Carrizal, Veracruz  

This is the favorite spot of rafting lovers in the area. This is why, besides the warm springs, in here you can enjoy a spectacular view of the Pescadito-Jalcomulco River.


Las Huertas, Morelos

Natural pools and jacuzzi, built on cascading ramps, in a way that generates visually attractive waterfalls. There, immersed in the sound of falling water, you will the warmth of the springs regenerating your skin.


The Mayan Baths, Guanajuato

A luxury complex on the outskirts of San Miguel de Allende, for those who wish to experiment hot springs in the form of a spa. Underground caves, quartz and crystal tunnels, caverns filled with candles… that’s what the experience at this place looks like.


hot springs mexico


Ojocaliente, Aguascalientes

This state in central Mexico actually gets its name from the abundance of hot springs in the area. Nowadays, the Ojocaliente baths are the only place left in the capital city where you can enjoy a comforting bath.

A friendly reminder: depending on the temperature of the water, the maximum advised bathing time in hot springs is 20 to 30 minutes at once.



Enjoy the hot springs phenomenon and pamper your body, mind and soul during your vacation in Mexico.

Hot springs in Mexico: a guide to the best spots