Heal your soul at Las Delicias Waterfall in Colombia

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Heal your soul at Las Delicias Waterfall Colombia

To leave your daily routine behind, to breathe fresh air for a little while. Such is the experience at Las Delicias Waterfall in Colombia, a dream-like destination where you will have the unique opportunity of walking through ecological trails and facing the wild side of nature… just a few minutes from Bogota!  

How to get to Las Delicias Waterfall

This little paradise is located just east of Bogota, very close to the Enrique Olaya Herrera park and Cerro Monserrate. To get there, you can take one of the buses that leave from the Politecnico Grancolombiano college or simply walk uphill along the 62nd street. However, if you choose the latter, it is recommended that you go accompanied by a local guide.

Trekking through nature

During an expedition to the area, you will be able to enjoy majestic landscapes of water streams melding into the green of the jungle. At this place, 52 different species of trees create shade, from alders to willows.

In this adventure, you will also be able to spot some of the 160 different native species of birds, as well as many others that arrive at some point during their migratory cycle. Hummingbirds, robins, bluebirds and hawks are some of them.

The final price is the waterfall, a site that seems to be hidden in a sort of natural corner, created by the stones and cliffs. The experience here is so relaxing that, in no time, you will be enjoying yourself too much to remember your daily routine or those things that you usually worry about. As you let yourself flow along with the water and the sound of it spurting all over, something inside of you is healed.



Photo: elpaskin.com

Dos and don’ts at Las Delicias

Do: wear comfortable shoes and clothes, take more than enough water with you, be respectful of nature and follow the established trails. Don’t: bring pets or alcoholic beverages

with you, disregard the rules and instructions of your guide, stray away from the path.

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Heal your soul at Las Delicias Waterfall in Colombia