Grutas de Garcia in Nuevo Leon: step inside nature's art gallery

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how to get to grutas de garcia


Nature is capable of sculpting the most spectacular and bold works of art, such as the shapes that seem to come alive at the Grutas de Garcia cave system in the northern Mexico state of Nuevo Leon.


Where it is and how to get there

Only 25 miles northeast of Monterrey, near the road that leads to Saltillo, and adventure inside a mountain awaits for you. The only way to get there is to either climb up Cerro del Fraile hill (which is 2,460 feet above the highway) or to hop on the cable car, which will take you to the entrance of the caves in 10 minutes.

The view from the top is absolutely spectacular!


How this place came to be

The story about this place is that, millions of years ago, it was underwater, inhabited by marine species. In fact, there are some fossilized remains from this animals left on the walls of the caves. Erosion carved, little by little, entire galleries of shapes and structures on the walls of the cave.

For thousands of years, the Grutas de Garcia caves remained hidden and forgotten inside the mountain. In 1843, the locals alerted priest Juan Antonio Sobrevilla of the existence of some strange caves inside the mountain.

 Grutas de Garcia caves Nuevo Leon

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What the experience is like

A guide will take you on a tour through the several “rooms” that make up the cave system, as he explains the history of the place and points out all the fun names and explanations that visitors have given to the shapes on the walls. Speaking of these shapes, they are a true work of art created by nature. With enough time, the natural elements are capable of sculpting pieces worthy of a museum.

how to get to grutas de garcia

Photo: instagram


The caves are about 1,000 feet long and up to 345 feet deep. To enjoy this tour, we suggest that you bring the right set of shoes –ideally, a pair of comfortable boots. At the end of the journey, there is a recreational area with a pool, a restaurant, playground and resting areas.

By the way, City Express Monterrey Santa Catarina is only a few miles away from Grutas de Garcia. If you want to stay close to the caves, book a room now and enjoy everything that matters during your stay: warm breakfast, free WiFi, comfortable rooms and a friendly staff that will help you out with anything that you need.

Explore the natural beauty of northern Mexico, the Grutas de Garcia caves are a great starting point. See you in Nuevo Leon!

Grutas de Garcia in Nuevo Leon: step inside nature's art gallery