Discover the mysterious Stone Cities of Colombia

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Discover the mysterioous stone cities of colombia

The Stone Cities, in the Amazon side of Colombia, are quite the mysterious site. To this day, researchers and archaeologists still debate whether the enigmatic stone structures that can be found in San Jose de Guaviare were made by men or nature.

Find out more about how to get to and what to do at this interesting and unique attraction in the Colombian sabana.

How to get to the Stone Cities

The place where you need to get is called San Jose de Guaviare, a small city by the eponymous river, right at the entrance of the Colombian Amazon.  From Bogota, you must drive through highway number 40 all the way to Villavicencio, and then take the exit to highway number 65, which will lead you to Guaviare. You can also catch a bus from Bogota to Villavicencio and then another one from the latter to San Jose.





What are they?

The Stone Cities are several groups of limestones that seem to have been placed in symmetric and aesthetic ways, which has caused speculation about them being placed by humans. For some of the native tribes in the area, these rocks are the work of their forefathers, but there is no evidence of such ancient inhabitants.

Some of the stones have oddly familiar shapes, like open fists or human heads. Others are shaped like buildings or grand entrances. There are five main “cities” or groups of stones: Ciudad Perdida, Ciudad de Piedra, Las Murallas, La Puerta de Orion and Puentes Naturales. You can hire a tour to see all of them at San Jose.

Even though the rocks themselves don’t seem to have been placed there by humans but rather shaped by natural erosion, you will see some mysterious petroglyphs on some of them, which may have been engraved by native tribes that were in awe of the site.





Other attractions

The Guaviare River is an unskippable natural attraction in this area. At the Damas del Nare lagoon, you can spot freshwater dolphins. Also, you can bathe and relax at Aguabonita, Picapiedra and Tranquilandia water parks.

The Stone Cities of Colombia await! If you’re staying in Bogota before or after this adventure, remember to look us up at City Express Plus.


Discover the mysterious Stone Cities of Colombia