5 lovely beach destinations in the Colombian Caribbean

beach destinations in the Colombian Caribbean

What are vacations for, if not for disconnecting from our routine? This simple truth may be the reason behind the fact that most people choose destinations that are the exact opposite of the cities they live in natural paradises where sand, sea and party nights are abundant. We have a lot of those in Latin America.

One destination that people around the world seem to hold dear is Colombia, known -among many other things- for its spectacular beach landscapes of turquoise water and sky reaching palm trees. Check out this guide to the most lovely beaches in the Colombian Caribbean and the breathtaking views that you can find in them. Off we go!

1. Palomino

This northern colonial spot is a two hour drive from the city of Santa Marta. It’s perfect for a family trip, since snorkeling and swimming are easy things to do in its peaceful waters. Surrounding attractions include the mountains of the Sierra Nevada and the Palomino River, the perfect place for tubing. LINKLINKLINK

2. Playa Blanca

In Barú Island, 25 miles southwest of Cartagena, this beach is known for its two mile long stretch of white sand. The sheer beauty of the place is worth a dedicated visit. Disclaimer: it can get a little crowded, ever since a bridge uniting the island with the city was built a few years ago.

3. Islas de San Bernardo

Discover this archipelago made up of ten islands, which are a part of the Corales del Rosario National Park. This paradise is a two hour boat ride from Cartagena and is home to spectacular landscapes, such as the ones that can be found on Tintipán, Múcura, Palma o Cabruna islands. Snorkeling, diving, windsurfing, you can do anything here!

Beach destinations in the Colombian Caribbean


4. Isla de San Andrés

A two hour flight from Bogotá, this island in the middle of the Colombian Caribbean is all the rage. It is nicknamed “the sea of the seven colors”, due to the many shades of blue that are visible in the water, depending on perspective and time of the day. There’s no shortage of options for dining and accommodation in this little piece of heaven.

5. Capurganá and Sapzurro

The perfect spot for nature lovers looking to escape the frantic, overcrowded nature of the better known beaches. This group of tiny and peaceful beachside communities near the border with Panama are protected by a coral reef, which allows for an abundance of underwater life. You should know that, to get to this paradise, you’ll need to either take a flight or embark on a two and a half boat ride from the city of Turbo.

Beach destinations in the Colombian Caribbean


Are you ready to explore the beauty of the Colombian Caribbean. Keep in mind that, when flying to and from Bogotá, you can always stay at City Express, we’re right by the airport!

5 lovely beach destinations in the Colombian Caribbean