A weekend in Coyoacan, Mexico City

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Coyoacan is one of the most iconic and magical neighborhoods in Mexico City. A combination of colonial charm and modern appeal make it one of the best places in town to spend a weekend.

We made a guide to the perfect weekend in Coyoacan with everything you need to know to spend a couple of days in this unique area of the city. Read on!

Brief history of Coyoacan

Coyoacan was actually a city-state in the area known as the Central Highlands, back in pre-hispanic Mexico. It was also one of the very first places that experienced drastic colonization, after Hernan Cortes, the great conqueror of Tenochtitlan, decided to reside in it.

Cortes made a house for himself there, which now works as a government building that you can visit. He also commissioned the construction of what was surely one of the very first Catholic churches in Mexico: La Conchita, right in the middle of Coyoacan’s two main squares.

The area went on to grow and merge with the rest of the city, albeit maintaining its own personality. To this day, Coyoacan feels like just a small, provincial town in the middle of a big city.



Where to roam in Coyoacan

Downtown Coyoacan, or el Centro de Coyoacán in Spanish, is an obvious starting point for exploring the neighborhood. The twin main squares of the town feature gorgeous parks, beautiful old buildings, lively street performances, colorful vendors and plenty of delicious food options.

The streets that surround the squares are full of legends and ghost stories. Perhaps the most famous one of them is Callejón del Aguacate (Avocado Alley), where a stone virgin that cries blood, a horse rider from the era of the Mexican Revolution, and a woman carrying shackles are all said to be seen.

Francisco Sosa is a fascinating avenue where historic buildings, museums and amazing restaurants converge. Some highlights include Santa Catarina Church, Casa de Cultura Reyes Heroles and Santa Catarina Theater, where you can catch some of the best experimental plays in Mexico City.

You absolutely cannot miss the Frida Kahlo museum, housed in the very building where the famous Mexican artist grew up in. It’s only five blocks from the main squares!

Where to eat in Coyoacan

The market is the best place to start. The sopes, quesadillas, gorditas, and other corn-based street foods served in this place are among the best you’ll try in all of Mexico. Speaking about low key food joints, in the aforementioned Francisco Sosa Avenue you’ll find Merendero Las Lupitas, a classic fonda that is perfect for enjoying some authentic, homemade, Mexican cuisine.

If you’re looking for a more sophisticated experience, head over to Los Danzantes in Downtown Coyoacan for an exquisite master class on contemporary Oaxacan food.

One final tip: If you’ll be spending a weekend in Coyoacan, try staying at City Express Plus Insurgentes Sur, only five minutes away from downtown!

Enjoy Coyoacan and get immersed in its many experiences and quirks. This is one side of Mexico City you will fall in love with.

A weekend in Coyoacan, Mexico City