A magical adventure awaits in Valle del Elqui, Chile's wine country

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A magical adventure in Valle del Elqui

Valle del Elqui, Chile’s very famous wine country, is like no other place that you know. Surrounded by observatories, beautiful nature, vineyards, and a very special energy, it is the perfect spot for a magical adventure.

Read on through this quick guide to one the most fascinating destinations in Chile, you will be booking your trip by the end of this page!

How to get to Valle del Elqui

This area is located in central Chile, inside the Coquimbo region, about 40 miles east of La Serena and 330 miles north of Santiago. To get there from the Chilean capital, you must drive through the number 5 highway, which runs along the coastline, all the way to the city of La Serena and then take the number 41 eastbound all the way to Vicuña.

You can always just catch a bus from Santiago, they leave every hour to different parts of Elqui!


This city is considered by many to be the entrance to the Elqui Valley. Don’t miss the museum dedicated to female poet and Nobel Prize winner Gabriela Mistral, who was born and raised in the Elqui area. Also, the best place to try local dishes like pickled rabbit or casserole goatling.

Wine houses

Of course, the main attraction is to visit the wine producers and take a tour through the vineyards and production houses. Follow the journey of the grape, all the way from the fields to the glass of wine or pisco, it’s a fascinating one!





This area is known for its many observatories, which you can visit to spot some of your favorite stars and planets on a dark night. There is also a lot to learn about the universe at these sites, try the ones at: Cerro Tololo, Mamalluca, Cancana and Refugio La Frontera.

Pisco Elqui

Surrounded by majestic hills, this small town awaits with stunning nature that you can explore in a horseback riding session or a visit to Rancho Rodriguez, the perfect place for camping through the night and, maybe, spot one of the many UFOs that visitors claim to have seen in the Elqui region. You have to try the local artisanal pisco, a classic grape-based drink.

Relax and disconnect

Some people claim that this area has actually been blessed with the presence of healing energies. This belief has spawned an entire wellness scene at the valley, with numerous spas that offer alternative therapy, massage and reiki sessions, group meditation and several other experiences that will allow you to unplug from the world.




Whether it’s the wine, the nature, the food or the healing energy that attracts you to this place, Valle del Elqui will not disappoint you. You’re in for an intense, multi-sensorial experience either way!

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A magical adventure awaits in Valle del Elqui, Chile's wine country