Everybody loves Zacatlan de las Manzanas: a guide to the lovely town in Puebla

Travelers who love to explore charming towns in Mexico have a new favorite destination: Zacatlan de las Manzanas in Puebla.

Grutas de Garcia in Nuevo Leon: step inside nature's art gallery

Nature is capable of sculpting the most spectacular and bold works of art, such as the shapes that seem to come alive at the Grutas de Garcia cave system in the northern Mexico state of Nuevo Leon.

The heart of Queretaro: the very best of the historic downtown area

Gorgeous, historic, grandiose. Words fall short when you try to describe Queretaro’s downtown area, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that has been remarkably preserved and is full of interesting spots.

Take a day trip to Isla Espiritu Santo, the virgin paradise in South Baja

Find out more about Isla Espiritu Santo, how to get there and what to do once you’re there. Buckle up, you’re in for an adventure.

The Fishing of the Blind Sardines in Tapijulapa, a heathen ceremony in disguise

The Fishing of the Blind Sardines in Tapijulapa, Tabasco, is an ancient pre-Hispanic ceremony that has survived all cultural colonization. Witness how a Catholic celebration turns into a pagan ritual as you experience this magical tradition in southern Mexico.

Piedras Encimadas Valley in Puebla: the Mexican Stonehenge

Near the town of Zacatlan, in the central Mexico state of Puebla, there’s a place surrounded by mystery. At the Piedras Encimadas Valley, dozens of gigantic and rather strange stone formations spread across a gorgeous, misty forest.

Lankester Botanical Garden: an orchid paradise in Costa Rica

The Lankester Botanical Garden, in Costa Rica, is an essential stop during a trip to the Central American nation. Here’s more on the history and characteristics of this magical place that you don’t want to miss.